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Privacy Policy

Conscious of our consumers concerns over privacy and releasing personal information, One Source Talent ("OST"), as the owner and operator of ("Site"), is providing this Privacy Policy as an informative disclosure of the types of information you may be asked to provide as well as the precautionary measures taken to maintain the integrity of our systems. Among other purposes, the information contained herein is intended to provide you with insight regarding the information we collect and how that information is processed internally by OST. In addition, this Privacy Policy is intended to disclose with whom we may elect to share your information, how you may access the data you provide us and what options you have regarding our use of the information you provide. Please note that anything contained in this Privacy Policy applies exclusively to the Site.

As uncontrollable factors change, such as industry practice, legislation and technology to name a few, so too will this Privacy Policy. In order to effectively grasp the content of any updates, we encourage you to recurrently review the Privacy Policy content as any changes will be made in the sole discretion of OST and without notice to you.

Information We Collect

Your purpose for visiting the Site may vary and so too will the type of information we gather during your use of the Site. All registered OST users will be required to provide their name, mailing address, email address, birth date and a user password. In addition, user intake questionnaires may request additional information that you have the option not to provide.

In the event the Site is promoting a contest giving you the opportunity to submit yourself as an applicant, your name, email address, mailing address, and phone number will be required. Additional information such as age, interests, product preferences and zip code information may be required.

Should you have any questions or need assistance beyond the information provided on the Site, you always have the ability to submit a question to Any attempt to do so will require you to provide an email address and any specific information necessary to provide the most complete and accurate answer possible.

OST is constantly transacting with companies and professionals in our industry who provide the Site with customer lists and other prospective users of the Site. As a matter of policy, OST only contacts individuals who have indicated a willingness to be the recipient of our correspondences. You should also know that all emails delivered by OST will provide you with an opt-out option to remove you from the Site mailing list.

Use of Information.

Information you provide to the Site will be used in several ways. The information you provide OST via phone, the Site, and in one of our physical locations will be combined to make one uniform profile for our records. The information gathered as a whole assists in personalizing our site so that your user experience can be as efficient and user-friendly as possible.

In an ongoing effort to market the products, services and events OST offers, online and registered members will receive email and direct mail offerings. In addition, some or all of the information gathered may be shared with third parties. However, any third parties have been prescreened to some degree and in many instances have a long standing, reputable relationship with OST. OST's network of individual professionals and industry affiliates sometimes results in collaborative efforts that require OST to provide your information to those professionals and affiliates.

In addition, the Site may provide links to other web sites offering products and services for purchase. Any purchase made via "links" or search engines may use their express check out and consequently both OST and that particular web site will receive your information. Alternatively, other companies may place ads or banners on the Site and may use those means to collect information on anybody who utilizes those options.

There may be instances in which OST retains outside assistance for specific services requiring the release of your information. In these instances, OST will take precautionary measures to insure your information is used only for the designated purpose.

In the event OST is required to provide your information to comply with legal proceedings or to protect our own interests your information may also be released for that purpose. Such releases may include circumstances that release your information to lawyers, credit bureaus, agents, or government agencies to name a few.

Should OST experience a change in ownership or a transfer of all of it's assets, your information may be included as part of that transaction.

OST may release your personal information to outside sources interested in marketing their products or services to you. OST will do so in circumstances that may be beneficial to your use of the OST service.

Other Website Collecting Information.

Given the presence of links to other sites, you should be aware that these sites are independently owned and operated by companies with their own distinct business interests, intellectual property rights, and rules and regulations. Consequently, those other websites may or may not have a Privacy Policy that you should familiarize yourself with as they will not be bound by the same terms provided in this Privacy Policy.


Cookies are commonly referred to as information sent by a web site and thereafter retained on your computer's browser and/or hard disk. That information in turn is utilized to personalize your experience and assist in your future interaction with that web site. One Source Talent generally employs two types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies.

Session cookies are cookies that are limited in existence to the time during which your browser remains open. Their existence is operative during your session so that your information can be used to help you continue browsing the Site. As an example, when purchasing or submitting information to the Site, the Session ID cookie would retain your ID for your shopping bag. Absent the session ID, merchandise and other additional information you add would not be able to be added to your profile and continued throughout your session.

Alternatively, Persistent Cookies remain on your browser or hard drive even after you have ended your internet session. OST has implemented a process that monitors our Site visitor's information in an effort to make your use of the Site more personalized and efficient. Keep in mind you always have the ability to always reject Persistent Cookies by simply setting your browser options accordingly. If you believe you may prefer to have some cookies while rejecting others, your browser settings may be configured to provide you with a notice of when you receive a cookie and subsequently giving you the ability to reject cookies on a case by case basis. Your "Help" option should be able to provide you with instructions to modify these settings.

Although cookies may be used to recognize you on a website, One Source Talent does not store any personal information about you in the cookies. Any material and information you provide OST is stored safely and separately on our secured servers which require a password to gain access. Access to our information is privileged to only certain OST employees.

Your Options

You always have the option to elect not to receive OST emails and/or request that your information not be shared by us with third parties by contacting us at Alternatively, our emails will provide an opt-out link at the bottom which will also result in your removal from our mailing list. Note, however, that you should allow 10 business days from when the request is received for the removal to be completed. Some of our promotions may have previously been processed with your email address and their delivery may generate before your removal is completed. We thank you for your patience and cooperation in these circumstances. Another alternative to discontinue receiving our material is to call (248) 816-7900 Extension 1003 or direct mail to One Source Talent, ATTN: Privacy, 3250 W. Big Beaver, Suite 526, Troy, Michigan 48084 to notify us of your request.

Accessing Your Information

All active, registered users of OST and the Site have the ability to update/alter their information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the Site. We encourage you to provide the most up to date information so that you can receive the latest information on what is happening at OST.


OST has a firm commitment to maintaining the security of information you provide. Significant measures are taken to maintain a secured server. A firewall is employed as a primary line of defense and our server is intentionally not directly connected to the internet to minimize the possibility of any potential breach of our system. Encryption tactics whereby information is scrambled while in transit is also implemented into OST's information-protection practices. Please note that the encryption process may rely on your browser allowing for the encryption.

One Source Talent thanks you for visiting our website, we look forward to a long-lasting relationship and ask that you continue to revisit this page to be familiar with the most up to date Privacy Policy we offer.