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Mary J  TALENT ID: 79956

  • ETHNICITY: Asian
  • CITY: Afton
  • STATE: Michigan
  • HEIGHT: 4' 11
  • WAIST: 27
  • CHEST: 34B
  • HIPS: 35
  • DRESS: 4
  • SHOE SIZE: 5.5
  • HAIR COLOR: Black
  • EYE COLOR: Brown

Athletic:Track and field- 4 years(high school and college )

Volleyball: 8 years (6th grade,high school and college) 

Basketball:4 years(high school and college)

Musical:35 years-singer to present(Alto but can do soprano)

Dance:4 years Cha Cha

ballroom 2 years

Modern dance skilled,I can do folk dances,Philippine ethnic/traditional dance,swing dance and salsa.

Other:Modeling,Poem writing,Counseling,mentoring,reading,bowling,boating,tubing,swimming,sledding,

         running,entrepreneur and gardening.

Language:fluent in English and Tagalog/Filipino,a little bit of Spanish

Script writer,2013

Others: 10 years,Teacher,Philippines

Professionally Trained Counselor                                                                                        



Musical:3 years:Praise and Worship Team;Joy Community Church,Onaway

2 months:Volunteer- English Substitute Teacher,Philippines

10 years:Values Education Teacher,Philippines

8 years: Public High School Guidance Counselor,Philippines

2007-2009:Classroom Volunteer,Inland Lakes Schools,Michigan


2016:Ballroom Dancer

2015:Wrote one Rap Song for Music Video-Detroit

2015:Sponsor for Local Little League Sotball

2015:Name is at as business owner of MJ CHIC & FASHION


2015:Affiliate On Organic Products:

2015:Affiliate on Plus Size Clothings:

2015:Sponsor for Less Fortunate kids using online store MJ CHIC & FASHION's portion of profit,Philippines

2014:Local newspaper as Business Owner

2014:Online Business Owner:MJ CHIC & FASHION

2013:Local news headlines,Resorter paper for Philippines typhoon

2013:Rivertown Follies Stage Productions,Dvd

2012: Weekly Choice Paper,vocal finalist

2012: Winter Blues Festival Website,vocal finalist

2011: Weekly Choice Paper,Vocal finalist

2011 :Cheboygan Tribune Paper,Vocal finalist     

2011-12: Cheboygan Tribune Paper,vocal finalist

2011-12: Rivertown Follies Productions seen on Dvd

2011-12 :Northern Michigan Has Talent, Youtube videos

Youtube Singing Audition and Competition Links:

2016: Kim Monthei Foundation Fundraiser Initiator

2014:Charity work:Sponsor for College Student,Philippines

2014:Charity work,Pledged as Sponsor for books,food for less fortunate kids,Philippines

2014:Sponsor for Students' Reading Program,Philippines

2013:Charity work:Sponsor,Pops Star Talent Show,Philippines

2013:Charity work,Sponsor,Reading Program for the poor kids,Philippines

2012:Charity work,Philippines Feeding the less fortunate kids

2012:Speaker,Philippine Culture,Inland Lakes Middle School,Michigan

2010:Charity work,Philippines Feeding the less fortunate kids

2010:Student,Bacheclor of Secondary Education major in history,Spring Arbor University,Michigan

2003:Sponsor/Initiator,Community Outreach Project,Feeding

The Flashflood Victims Children,Philippines

2003:Flashflood Survivor,Philippines

2001:Graduate,Masters of Arts In Education Major in Guidance and Counseling,Philippines

2001:Writer,Thesis Book,"Proposed Guidance Program for Students With Home-Related Problems",Philippines

2000:Speaker,Parenting Seminar On Communication skills,Philippines

1996-2004, Doing Outreach Program for the Poor In The Philippines every year by

collecting dry goods and distributed to people in community who were in deprived and in need.

1992:Graduate,Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Guidance and Counseling,Philippines





Resume Film
2015 Bestseller Movie
Movie Premier Participant/Meet & Greet Person, Christopher Knight Productions etc.

2014 Superman Vs Batman-Hollywood Movie
Extra as Actress- 4 Scenes, Warner Bros Pictures

2013 "The Light"
Dancer,Speaking role-Sci-Fi Horror Bonfire Scene, Produced by Jon Gillette from Los Angeles,CA.

2013 Count Time The Movie
Extra,Cocktail Dress Party Scene, Produced by Jayson Clayton

2013 I See The Light
Magical lady, Produced by:Michelle Smolarski

2013 Las Vegas
Extra,Fruit Market Shopper, Emainakaani Film Produced by Susu Tobia

2013 Papou-Feature Film
Diner Patron-Speaking Role, Mother and Midwife Pictures Productions,LLC

2013 Perfection
Extra,horror scene, Dogzplot Films

2013 Possessive
Extra-Dream Sequence Scene, Lion's Paw and Photography,LLC

2013 The Real Mikado:A Feature Film
Housekeeper, Directed by:Joyce Wu,Produced by:Caroline Wu & Co.

TV & Video
2015 Interview For Model On camera for TV or Video
Model, National Modeling Showcase

2013 Testimonial
Giving Testimony on video/In front of camera, NINE9.COM Interview For Success

2015 Rivertown follies Stage Production
Sponsor/Participator/viewer, Rivertown Follies Stage Productions

2014 Rivertown Follies Crew Party
Participator/Dancer, Rivertown Follies Stage Productions

2013 Rivertown Folies,Stage Productions
Lady in Fur-Non Speaking role, Cheboygan Theatre

2013 Rivertown Follies,Stage Productions
Screaming lady,dancer-4dances,Singer-Chorus Medley, Cheboygan Theatre

2013 Rivertown Follies,Stage Productions
Dancing lady-Caveman Scene, Cheboygan Theatre

2012 Rivertown Follies,Stage Productions
Actress,Dancer-5 dances, Cheboygan Theatre

2011 Rivertown Follies,Stage Productions
Singer,Soloist, Cheboygan Theatre

2013 Cooley Law School Tv Commercial
Extra-Law Student, Jungle Light Studios

2016 Charity Soulful Sounds Fashion Show
Runway Model, Fundraiser Fashion Show

2016 Fashion Modeling Photo Shoot
Model, Tamara Richards Photography

2016 My Dreams Do Come True
Model, AM Modeling & Talent Events

2016 Photo Shoot
Model (4 Looks), Lisa Ronk Photography

2016 Photo shoot Modeling
Model, Wake Up Detroit Magazine

2016 Pure American Pageants- Michigan
Runway Model for Optional Competition, 2016 State Pageant

2015 Fashion Modeling-5Looks
Model, Nicreno Photography LLC

2015 Fashion Photo Shoot
Model-One look, Danielle Prause Photography

2015 Modeling-6 looks
Model, SS-Fashion Photography

2015 National Modeling Showcase
Runway Model-4 looks, National Venue for Models,Actors & Performers

2015 Runway Modeling
Model-4 looks, National Modeling Showcase

2014 Destiny Fashion and Talent Extravaganza
Promotional Model,Dancer, Destiny Fashion Show

2014 PhotoShoot Modeling
Model-Clothing for Website-7looks, Yvonne Lashuay Photography

2013 "Walk"Fashion Show Audition
Model, Masonic Temple,Detroit

2013 Bebe Clothing Catalog Photoshoot Test
Fashion Model, Nicreno Photography LLC

2013 Comp Card Photo Shoot
Model, Scott Sprague Studio,Detroit

2013 Denim Mini-Skirt Fall Style Fashion Photoshoot
Model, Yvonne Lashuay Photography,LLC

2013 Fashion Modeling Photo Shoot
Model, Steve Dean's Photography

2013 Fashion Show Audition
Model, Destiny-Fashion and Talent Extravaganza

2013 Gown Photoshoot Modeling
Model, Aaron Wade Photography,LLC

2013 Photo Shoot Modeling
Model-2 Year Contract, Barry B Photography

2013 Photo Shoots-2looks
Model, Destiny Fashion and Talent Extravaganza

2013 Sunset Photoshoot-Gown Modeling
Model, Pete Walters Photography

2013 Swimwear Photoshoot Modeling
Model, Lion's Paw and Photography,LLC

2013 Tops and Shorts Outdoor Photography
Model, Keith Mc's Photography,LLC

2015 Ballroom Dance
Dancer, Ballroom Dance of Northern Michigan

2015 Balrrom Dance Of Northern Michigan
Dancer, Arachnophobia Halloween Dance Theme

2015 Bolero Dance
Dancer, ZoeDance- Petoskey.Michigan

2015 Chaerlevoix Bandshell With Pine Jazz Band
Dancer, Vienna Festival

2015 Country 2 Step Dance
Dancer, ZoeDance- Petoskey.Michigan

2015 Dancing with the band
Dancer, Cross Village,MI Polish Festival

2015 Dancing With the band music
Polka,Swing,Waltz Dancer, Boyne Falls,MI Polish Festival

2015 Festival
Dancer-Polka, Gaylord,MI Festival

2015 Hustle Dance-4 weeks
Dancer, ZoeDance- Petoskey.Michigan

2015 Polka Dancing
Polka Dancer, Posen.MI Festival

2015 Romantic Dancer Studio-Auburn,Detroit
Dancer, West Coast Swing Lesson

2015 Rumba Dance lesson-4 weeks
Dancer, Zoedance class

2015 Social Dance
Dancer, Alanson,MI Ballroom

2015 Swing Dance
Dancer, Zoedance class

2015 Viennese Waltz Dance Lesson-3 weeks
Dancer, Ballroom Dance of Northern Michigan

2013 Northern Michigan Has Talent Audition
Cha Cha Dancer, Cheboygan Opera House

2002 Teacher's Talent Presentations
Swing Dancer, Students' JS Promenade,Philippines

1990 Ballroom Dancing,Philippines
Ballroom Dancer, College Personality Development

1985 High School Play,Philippines
Interpretative Dancer, School Stage Play

1981 Dance Competition,Philippines
Dancer, District Dance Competition

1980 Christmas School Celebrations,Philippines
Folk Dancer, Christmas Stage Productions

1979 Graduation Day Program,Philippines
Cha Cha Dancer, School Stage Productions

1978 School Program,Philippines
Hawaiian Dancer, Recognition Day

2015 Rap Song Writer
Singer/Model for Music Video, Jon Rick Productions

2013 3rd Annual- International Hairshow
Singer,soloist, Producer:Willie Greathouse,Masonic Temple,Detroit

2013 Country Music Beginner-Writer
Song Writer, Country Music Songs

2013 Northern Michigan Has Talent Audition
Singer,Soloist, Cheboygan Opera House

2013 Talent Audition
Singer, Kalkaska Idol Singing Competition

2012 Charlevoix Got Talent Audition and Competition
Singer, Charlevoix Performing Arts

2012 Petoskey's Got Talent Audition and Competition
Singer, Winter Blues Festival,Petoskey

2011 Eagle Hall Talent Competition
Singer,Third Place, Eagle Hall Fundraising,Cheboygan

2011 Elk Festival Talent Competition
Singer,First Place Winner, Atlanta,Michigan Talent Show

2011 Filipino-American' Christmas Party
Soloist, Christmas Gatherings,Elmira,Michigan

2011 Gaylord's Got Talent Audition and Competition
Singer, Gaylord's Fair Celebrations

2011 Kalkaska Idol Singing Audition
Singer, Kalkaska Brown Trout Festival

2011 Northern Michigan Has Talent Audition-Competition
Singer, Cheboygan Talent Show

2011 The Xfactor Audition
Singer, The Xfactor at Chicago,Illinois

2016 Fashion Show
Runway Model, Charity Soulful Sounds Fashion Show

2016 My Dreams Do Come True
Runway Model- 2 Walks, Fashion Show of My Dreams Do Come True Fundraiser

2016 Pure American National Pageants
Model-Competitor- First place, Super Optional Pageant National Competition

2016 Pure American Pageants- Michigan
Model- First Place, Super Optional Pageant Competition

2016 Pure American Pageants- National
Model, National Modeling Competition

2015 National Modeling Showcase
Model, National Venue for Models,Actors & Performers

Events & Representation
2016 Kim Monthei Foundation- Fundraising
Initiator- Raising funds for breast cancer, Kim Monthei Parade Fundraiser-July 4

2016 Opening Ceremony Parade
Participant as 2016 Elegant Ms Michigan, ASA Eastern Nationals- York, Pennsylvania

2016 Parade
2016 Elegant Ms Michigan-Queen, Pellston Memorial Fest

2016 Pure American Pageants
Competitor for Elegant Ms Category, Pure American Pageants-Michigan

2016 Pure American Pageants' Competition
State Finalist, Pure American Pageants-Michigan

2016 Pure International Finalist
Elegant MS PHILIPPINES, Pure International Pageants

2016 Pure International Pageants
2016 MS Michigan Elegant Ms., Pure American Pageants-Michigan

2016 Rib & Chili Cook off and Arts Show
Volunteer- 5 days, Memorial Fest

2016 River town follies Organization
Volunteer-Selling tickes, River Town Follies Show

2016 Spring Fling
Volunteer-9 hours, Club County-Human Society Fundraiser for Animals

2016 Pageant Workshop-Introduction/Modeling/Etiquette
Ronda R., The Florida Hotel & Conference Center

2016 Pure American Pageant Workshop & Prep
Pure American Pageants Team, Southgate,Michigan

2016 Pure American Pageants Michigan Workshop
Pure American Pageants Directors, Southgate,Michigan

2015 Ballroom dancing includes Waltz,Swing,Chacha etc.
Zoe, Northern Michigan

2015 Country 2 Step Dance-4 weeks
Mel & Nancy Kiogima, Northern Michigan

2015 Swing Dance-4 weeks
Zoedance, Bay Tennis & Fitness,North Michigan

2013 Acting Meet and Greet Workshop
Aida Munoz, OST Office,Detroit

2012 Vocal lessons
Music House,Kirby Family, Gaylord,Michigan

2016 Spring Arbor University MBA Class 2016
MBA Program, Student

2010 Spring Arbor University,Michigan
Secondary Education-History Major, Student

2001 Notre Dame University,Philippines
Masters Degree Graduation Ceremony, Graduate With Finished Thesis Book

1992 Cor Jesu College University,Philippines
Bachelor of Secondary Education, Graduate,Four Year Degree

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