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Below you will find actual One Source Talent Reviews from our talent.  They have taken the time to share their personal experience as actors and models.  These are submitted to us, unsolicited, on a daily basis.

One Source Talent's primary goal as an organization is to have our talent find success in the entertainment industry; whether it is as a model, an actor or both!  Their successes range from major motion pictures to indie films; national print ads to local shoots; working with industry superstars to the next big thing.  We are so proud of what our talent have done and continue to do.

The success story of Claude M - One Source Talent
Claude M. 97518
Since joining the OST team I've been booked for two fashion shows, one is the very popular 5th Dream Fashion Show where over 100 talents auditioned and I was fortunate to be picked to attend this event! The other Fashion Show I've been booked for will take place on Dec. 13, 2014 with the very talented and highly respected Mrs. Lynn Clark-Geiner! I'm very grateful to have such a hard working staff, Thank you OST! Sincerely, Claude talent id #97518
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The success story of Precious X - One Source Talent
Precious X. 97092
One Source Talent booked me a photoshoot on Sunday with Alex Goykhman from Chicago. It was such a beautiful day out and the studio was amazing. The view was beautiful and everything went well. My photos turned out great and the make up artist and hair stylist was very professional.
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The success story of Landrian T - One Source Talent
Landrian T. 73613
I've been actively trying my hand in the acting field, for not even a year yet, I have already been an extra in the film, Bad Kids Go To Hell (the sequel) cast by Katrina Cook. Im looking to land bigger roles in the future and with the help of OST it seems more than possible.
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The success story of Trentn H - One Source Talent
Trentn H. 92725
Hi, I'm Trent'n Haskell. Ever since I joined One Source, I've been in a model shoot, short film, and now about to be on a show and play. One Source has truly changed my life. I will give One Source 5 out of 5 for the opportunities I've had and will have in the future.
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The success story of Bradley Z - One Source Talent
Bradley Z. 96812
Thanks to OST for helping me get started in the modeling industry I am going to be in the Dream Fashion Show this November! I'm looking forward to the experience and am certain with OST's help I'll get to do a lot more!
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The success story of Destini B - One Source Talent
Destini B. 97160
Hi my name is Destini I love to sing, dance and write. I’m currently in drama and choir. I’m from Portland Oregon born on April 20th, 2003. I currently live Seattle. My dream is to become an actress or model. I have been wanting to join a modeling industry ever since I was little. I am starting my experience with One Source Talent. They were very impressed with me! I recently did an audition with celebrity experience, and I was chosen to come back. My next audition scheduled in January will be in Hollywood. They have given me an opportunity to explore acting and modeling! I’m very excited
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The success story of Mariel F - One Source Talent
Mariel F. 95885
I was in a fashion show called "Beautiful You Fashion Tour" when it came to NYC on 7/6/14. We had tons of designers and tons of prep time leading to and on the day of the show. It was so nice to work with Mr. Debonair. The show turned out beautiful. It went from little kid designs to teens and adults. There was a variety of stuff to wear. Everyone learned how to rock the runway and how to go about performing in "T" stances. I enjoyed the show and would work with this tour or him again. - Mariel Ferry 7/7/14
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The success story of Gifty K - One Source Talent
Gifty K. 90087
It takes alot of patience at first. But if it wasnt because of OST, I wouldnt be going to the 2014 November Launch Showcase! I 1000% recommend you to sighn up for OST...NOW!! I already told two of my friends about it and they got called back. I absolutely have no words. THANK YOU ONE SOURCE TALENT!!! Almost forgot, I am going to be in the Flight 920 Fashion Show this month.
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