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New York | Rex Lott
Photography by Rex Lott Photography by Rex Lott
Photography by Rex Lott Photography by Rex Lott

Rex Lott has been shooting photography since the age of 15 years old. He loves shooting fashion, beauty, and head shots. Rex graduated with a degree in photography from Ohio State in 1994. Right after, in 1995 he moved to Miami to become a professional photographer. For the next two years he gained experience shooting for different agencies, clients, boutiques, and magazines. In 1997, Rex had the opportunity to shoot his 2 model friends that got signed to Click in New York. They needed a new style of pictures, so they asked Rex to shoot their pictures in New York. Rex then went to Click Models in New York to turn in the film from the photo shoot. The owner, Frances Grill, was blown away with Rex's photos and offered him a job at Click. About 10 days later, Rex was working as an assistant to the bookers and as a chaperone for the model apartment. A year later, Rex became the Director of New Faces. Although Rex enjoyed working at Click for 8 years, he wanted to go back to his passion and be a full time shooter once again. Rex still continues to have strong relationship with Click NY. Rex has also shot for Irene Marie, Elite, Michelle Pommier, Karin, and Next.

Rex gives his advice to new models:

The best advice I can give is to be professional and BE ENERGETIC! The photographer feeds off the models energy - it's a give and take - you can't wait for the photographer to make you excited. If you're nervous just savor the moment - enjoy the moment - step outside of yourself. Being a model is acting, you're projecting one part of yourself. Allow yourself to become a character that you want to be, experiment, be open. Don't be afraid of the photographer - the more you give the more you're gonna get.